Release note to version 1.1.0 (from 1.0.0)

  • Fixed issue with insecure registries in Kubernetes deployment
  • Added control-plane
  • Added custom types of VMs in Kuberenetes deployment configuration
  • CF upgraded to 9.5

Breaking changes:

  • New parameter introduced in common.json:
         {"name": "opscontrol_domain", "opscontrol_var": "opscontrol_domain"},
  • ELK bosh deployment has to be manually deleted in Opscontrol due to new control plane with logging system (this blocks removal of security groups).
  • New parameters introduced in k8s.json:
         {"name": "k8s_masters_type", "value": "general_small"},
         {"name": "k8s_workers_type", "value": "storage_large"},