Release notes to version 1.4.0

  • Upgrade Kubernetes to version 1.16.8
  • Upgrade Traefik to version 2.2.0
  • Update vSphere terraform scripts
  • Upgrade Elasticsearch to version 7.8.0 and Filebeat to version 7.2.1
  • Add support for extensions to cloud config
  • Minor fixes

Required steps:

  • Additional configuration is needed in env.json file, e.g:
    {"name": "extensions_cloud_config_directory", "value": "vsphere/env/cb-cloud-config"},
    {"name": "extensions_cloud_config_properties","value": ""},

Important note:

  • This upgrade contains changes in vSphere terraform so there is no need for manual creation of LB Pools and NSGroups. Corresponding parts in configuration files can be removed.
  • This upgrade contains major version update in Kubernetes. This version removes some old api versions. Please make sure you have switched to supported versions before running an upgrade. More details can be found here:
  • This upgrade contains major version update in Traefik which brings few architectural changes. Please note some of Ingress resources may need updates in order to work properly.
  • Please make sure you have backup of your data before running an update.